1hr Herbal Consult- deposit

$15.00 - $45.00

Let’s talk for an hour (in person or by skype/zoom) about some herbs that might work for you and your particular needs and interests.

To be clear: I am not a licensed medical practitioner or a trained clinical herbalist; that being said, I’ve been growing and using herbs for over a decade and have years of loved ones turning to me and my herb shelves again and again for support. I cannot diagnose, treat or cure any disease or illness; however, I can show you how to incorporate herbs into your daily life in a way that works specifically to meet your needs.

Includes 1 oz. custom blend (oil, tea, or tincture, for example) and 20% off additional herbs.

My strongest areas of herbal knowledge and interest include (in no particular order):
Tonic herbs to boost overall health and nutrition
Herbs safe for children, babies and families
Herbs that are easy to grow in the Pacific West
Herbs for managing chronic or acute stress and anxiety

How it works:
Your purchase is a reservation and 50% non-refundable deposit; I’ll contact you within the week with a brief list of intake questions, to schedule and to arrange payment for the second half (due day of consult). As appropriate, we'll coordinate plans and payment for any subsequent calls during/following our initial conversation.

Please note: Your deposit will be honored for 6 months from time of purchase. If you opt out of a customized herb blend or use less than 30 minutes of our scheduled time, I will keep your deposit but not charge beyond that.

Additional time and herbs will be invoiced separately.