The products of this page are not medication and the information and products presented are for informational and educational purposes only; in no way is my work intended to aid in the diagnosis, treatment or cure of any illness or disease.

Needless, yet necessary to say, the FDA does not approve.

Always: do your own research, consult your go-to medical advisor and/or physician, consider contraindications and precautions, and start small when introducing something new to your body

Though most of the herbs presented here are considered safe for general consumption (unless otherwise noted), an abundance of precaution is appropriate before sharing with with young children, those taking prescription medications, anyone pregnant or breastfeeding (or seeking to be), and those with diagnosed or suspected chronic illness.

That being said--the herbs I work with are selected for their commonly established safety and known historical usefulness. The preparations are developed for myself, friends and loved ones to use and are made with the utmost love and an abundance of care.

These locally abundant species are tended, harvested and processed by me, and are prepared and shared with the goal of nourishing and supporting well-being and self-care.