The products of this page are not medication and the information and products presented are for informational and educational purposes only; in no way is my work intended to aid in the diagnosis, treatment or cure of any illness or disease.

Needless, yet necessary to say, the FDA does not approve.

Always: do your own research, consult your go-to medical advisor and/or physician, consider contraindications and precautions, and start small when introducing something new to your body

Though most of the herbs presented here are considered safe for general consumption (unless otherwise noted), an abundance of precaution is appropriate before sharing with with young children, those taking prescription medications, anyone pregnant or breastfeeding (or seeking to be), and those with diagnosed or suspected chronic illness.

That being said--the herbs I work with are selected for their commonly established safety and known historical usefulness. The preparations are developed for myself, friends and loved ones to use and are made with the utmost love and an abundance of care.


After years of experiments, I've settled on a sliding-scale model which I hope will both maintain access for those experiencing poverty and get me out of that category myself. Each product on my website has three prices; you choose the one that's right for you. My pricing is an invitation to reflect on your needs and capacities right now.

LOW-COST is 50% of the true cost

I will always begin with at least 25% of any product available at this rate. For every Pay-it-Forward purchase, one more Low-Cost item becomes available.

This price is intended for anyone experiencing financial hardship or crisis, for example if you are un(der)employed, inadequately housed, or receiving and/or eligible for disability, SNAP, SSI, WIC, etc.

TRUE-COST is 100% of the true cost

This price reflects the expense of doing my work and not going hungry myself in the process.

This price is intended for anyone not experiencing financial crisis, for example if you are employed, adequately housed, able to secure food and medical care on your own terms, or are consistently able to meet your basic needs.

PAY-IT-FORWARD is 150% of the true cost

The added cost directly offsets the discount available to Low-Cost purchasers. Any purchases at this price will proportionately increase the number of Low-Cost items available. This is an invitation for those living in financial comfort to help me subsidize the accessibility of my work.

This price is intended for anyone experiencing financial comfort, for example if you own your own home (and/or properties), you own a car that is less than ten years old, you have any savings, or you receive benefits through your work and/or have a retirement plan.

Not clear where you fall in this scheme? It’s OK, it can change quickly, and you can mix and match to suit your situation.

Please contact me directly if:

→ You’d like to help subsidize additional Low-Cost offerings,

→  The Low-Cost option remains beyond your means; there are always other ways.