• Image of 1 hr. Garden Consult
  • Image of 1 hr. Garden Consult
  • Image of 1 hr. Garden Consult

*Portland, Oregon metro area only*

My strongest areas of gardening knowledge and interest include, in no particular order:
Food and vegetable gardening
Medicinal and culinary herbs
Cut flowers and ornamentals
Native habitat/Naturescaping
Playscapes/educational gardens
Plant dyes and fibers

Get quick, intensive guidance on how to grow what you want in the space you have available. With more than a dozen years of gardening experience in the Portland metro area in a very broad range of scales and styles, a few minutes of plant-related Q&A with me can cover a lot of information. I have grown food, flowers and herbs in almost every context imaginable, and know just about every resource in town for what knowledge I don’t have. We can use your hour to pick through resources, hash out a plan and/or do physical work toward your visions for your garden or outdoor space.

Late summer and early fall are the perfect time to start planning and building your garden for the next year.

Includes free seeds and starts from my extensive collection.

How it works:
Your purchase is a reservation and payment for a 1-hour consult; I’ll contact you within the week to talk further and/or schedule a site visit. Please note: I will include up to 2 emails or 15 minutes on the phone to set our plan, after that I will deduct time from your reservation. Your deposit will be refunded if we are not able to schedule a time to meet within the month. After we meet and review your space, we can discuss a contract for your specific goals moving forward.