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Rose Water ~ 2 oz. spray

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Made in small batches from fresh red roses* (Rosa x. "Dr. Huey") and Portland tap water, isolated in a simple home still. While the leftover materials get used as a plant dye, the distilled skin spray is tonic, astringent, anti-inflammatory, and cleansing.

Spray on face and neck and wipe off after a few seconds using face swatches or a cotton ball/pad; it will gently remove dirt, dead skin, sunscreen or light makeup without scrubbing, harsh soaps or alcohols.

Spray on skin after a shower or washing your face to gently tighten pores before moisturizing.

While generally self-stable, for best results, refrigerate or use within 1-2 months and store in a cool, dark place. Some sediment is normal. Intended for topical use only.

*Please note that I use fresh petals when they are available fresh from my garden during their season; otherwise I dry petals at their peak to use them through the subsequent off-season. I have not noticed any significant difference between the two end-products and use them interchangeably myself.

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