Zapatistas/Emergent Strategy Prints (Series of 8)

$5.00 - $120.00

This series, made during 2020, was inspired by the organizing principles and practices of the Zapatistas (as outlined here:, and the nature-based themes of Emergent Strategy by adrienne maree brown (
I added a couple images myself to round things out, but I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out.

Hand carved and printed on cardstock using archival ink; each print varies.

1. Mandar obedeciendo (Lead by obeying): Swifts
2. Proponer y no imponer (Propose don't impose): Wave/Particle
3. Representar y no suplantar (Represent don't replace): Flame/Shadow
4. Anti-poder contra poder (Anti-power against power): Dandelion
5. Convencer y no vencer (Convince don't defeat): Shooting star
6. Todo para todos, nada para nosotros (Everything for everyone, nothing for ourselves): Ants
7. Construir y no destruir (Build don't destroy): Mycelium/Fungi
8. Queremos un mundo donde quepan muchos mundos (We want a world where many worlds fit): Fern/Fractals

*Please note: prints can be ordered individually or as the entire series; if ordering individual prints, please note which ones you would like in the "notes" section of your order. Contact me for rates if you are interested in 6 or more but not the entire series.*

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