If my offerings can provide anything, I hope it may be:

  • An enhanced sense of connection to the place where you live and to the beings living and growing around you;
  • An awareness that these beings are sources of healing and teaching, if we ask and let and thank them in return;
  • A deepening sense of drive and motivation to better care for and work with those around us;
  • An understanding that we each have the honor and responsibility of offering our own gifts in return for all that we receive.

For a little context on my professional background: since since graduating from Reed College in 2006 I've worked as a garden-based educator throughout Portland, Oregon; I began this business after my part-time non-profit positions as a garden coordinator at two schools were cut from the budget for the umpteenth time in 2016.

Working in school gardens with kids and their families is where and how I learned most of what I know about plants and teaching; bringing those plants home and meeting them in the wild has taught me the rest.

All of the herbs I work with were grown and processed by me, or on rare occasion were ethically wildcrafted or traded with a trusted friend and fellow herbalist.

You can catch a glimpse of one of the gardens I've designed and helped build (and see me working with kids in the background) in this video, titled "Outdoor Education Areas in Schools."

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